Hard Water

London has terrible hard water and this can be a real problem when it comes to getting glass (and pyrex) cups and dishes actually clean, as opposed to clean but with white streaky marks all over them. Given this is one of those common problems, I thought I’d share my way of dealing with the awful white streakiness: vinegar.

Vinegar is a brilliant solution to any hard water problem. A bag full of vinegar sealed over a shower head overnight will clear the calcium deposits and get the shower running like new. I understand that running vinegar and lemon juice through your empty dishwasher will have a similar effect. A kettle full of vinegar will remove the limescale from the inside. A sink full of vinegar will give your glass dishes a good sorting out.

Isopropyl alcohol also works for glasses. Dip an edge of a cloth into the alcohol and then rub the streakiness until it disappears.

It’s that easy.


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