An open letter to Ocado

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Dear Ocado,

I’ve been a long-time and loyal customer of Ocado but I’m starting to wonder if it might be time to move to Waitrose Delivery. In the last 6 months we’ve had a few too many broken/squashed goods and far too many late deliveries without notice.

The cake, however, has been taken with our delivery this week (not literally).

I was rung last night to confirm delivery would be 2-3 hours late (thank you for the phone call – that was very helpful) and did I want to defer it to this morning? While this wasn’t ideal, it did mean not having to wait up for a post 11pm delivery so we went for that option. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I am, that there’s been no delivery and no phone call this morning.

It is well known that when smaller companies that do well at customer services expand, their service quality tends to decrease while their customer base increases. There are, however, firms that buck this trend. It’s time to put a marker in the sand and get back to the service quality that you became famous for.

We were relying on the goods that were due to be delivered and it was a large order (82 items). I should have ordered for earlier this week but I thought I could still rely on you to deliver what you said you would, when you said you would do it. I’m worried that when it comes to Christmas deliveries, when the weather gets added to the equation, you won’t be able to deliver and my family and I will be stuck again.

I’ve been drafting this for so long, we’ve finally got an answer. Driver’s explanation last night (that there were road delays) contradicts this morning’s explanation (that the goods never arrived at the depot) but nevermind that. Our order is being cancelled, we’ve received a voucher for next order (which covers the inconvenience of a cancelled order but not of our now having to go out to get the goods manually between now and this evening). This next order may be the last if it doesn’t arrive on time and with the products we ordered not squashed or broken.

I’m really disappointed because you were so excellent. This isn’t the service I signed up for and certainly doesn’t even begin to touch the “complete satisfaction” you claim to offer.


P.S Incredibly outraged that you deem it ok to call my order refund a “goodwill” gesture. The goods were never received and you know it. Trying so hard to fight back the anger now.

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