This article makes interesting reading… The Last Late-Term Abortionist (The Observer – 24 January 2010) I’m not really interested in starting a discussion on this but if someone feels they want to respond, you’re welcome to in the comments below. This, however, is an issue which many have very strong feelings. I will consider removing any…

Mashup Heaven: United State of Pop 2009

This mashup has been doing the rounds recently but is brilliant so I’m posting it here too.  You know how I like my mashups. Hat tip to Norwegian Recycling, who tweeted it.

Poetry in my head

Forgive me for posting the draft of some words in my head. It’s the ramblings of a tired mind mostly… On the tip of my tongue Sits a poem unsaid Unwritten, unstated, and almost unthought. It pervades my conscious, Stanzas half formed With offbeat words falling out. From what I can tell It talks of…

Happy New Year

Back to London, to work, to friends, to pastorate, to a certain lack of snow, and to more entertaining blogging. For now, here is a photo from today’s walk in North Wales. More photos here. From Wales 09