A Prayer for Haiti (and of Thanks)

Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what to pray for, especially when issues like that in Haiti are so big we have no idea where to start. We thought we would share this with you. We can always start here….

On Migraines

I get migraines on a fairly frequent basis but rarely blog about it because bright screens and migraines really do not go well together in my experience. It has, however, occurred to me that blogging might help those with similar problems and others to understand. Time for some dialogue (and with that in mind, please…

Synod Begins – Monday 8 February

Apologies, first of all, to all my usual readers who are not at all interested in the work of the national assembly of the Church of England. I will post other things this week to keep you happy too. The first day of General Synod is concluding as I type – for my part, I really enjoy…

Synod Updates – How to Follow What’s Happening

You can follow the Church of England’s General Synod (happening this week at Church House in London) in a number of ways. Church of England Audio Feed #synod Twitter Feed – it’s been a year since we all discovered the number of those tweeting in the Church, should be an interesting take on what’s happening….