A year and a half later

It’s a full year and a half since I last blogged here.

Life has been eaten up, in a good way, by work, being a hospital governor at UCLH, and generally living.

I’m going to keep the blog going because there’s some valuable and amusing insights here (and because people continue to view it on a very regular basis) but blogging will happen as and when it strikes me. I’ll apologise now if it’s another year and half before you see anything here again.

What I have done is set up a new blog to journal my recent ankle reconstruction and recovery. Using a new blog allows me to not bore you all with stories of sore feet and to have a specific place for other soon-to-be ankle reconstruction patients to look for information on what recovery really looks like, as I did prior to signing up for it. So for the meanwhile, if you’re really interested, you can follow proceedings at My Left Ankle.


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