Morning lovely people – notice anything different around here?

Firstly, I’ve started using some awesome social media icons, designed by Nikola Lazarevic, for the “social media” sidebar. What do you think? The icons are available here and I got the idea from the lovely Sam Michel who posted on hunting for the perfect free social media icon set much earlier on this year. Much kudos to you both.

Secondly, much updating of links and blogs has occurred. If your link appears here and it shouldn’t, please leave me a comment. If your link doesn’t appear here and you think it should I’m equally (if not more) interested in hearing from you – Huggies, do you have a new blog for your Africa trip next year?

Lastly, we’ve had yet another theme change. This time away from clean and pretty flowers and to something a bit more “raw” and hopefully “roar!!”. What d’ya think?

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