Surgery – Third Time Lucky

It’s been months since I wrote anything here, largely because my life has been focused around doctor’s visits, injections, painkillers and work. It’s been a drag at best and depressingly painful at worst, especially as the date of the final round of surgery remained a mystery for so long.

Things are better now. I had my ‘third time lucky’ surgery two weeks ago and amazingly (thank you God and to all those that prayed!) everything turned out great. I was in for a short time (4 hours of surgery and 3 days in hospital) and they think they got everything and have given me a final injection to put any small missed hot spots on lock down. I’m already able to take a gentle walk around the block every day and the need for painkillers has halved in the week and a half I’ve been home. All in all it’s far better than I’d imagined it would be. I can not express how lucky I am to have the friends and family I do – thank you to you all.

November and December are dedicated to a restful recovery and Christmas with my family, followed by taking 2011 by the horns and proving I am back, fit and well, and open for business again.

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  1. Mongoose6 says:

    Hurray Fiona! I’m glad to hear it went well. Hopefully you’ll be up to full intensity for 2011!

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