Conversations with the VPA

So part of this blog is my attempt to document the whole VSO process from beginning to end. As such you are now about to be subjected to a short post of my first proper conversation with my volunteer placement advisor (VPA) at VSO. 

It took so long for the two of us to be in the same country and therefore able to talk to each other that I was going to be damned if I let my recovery get in the way of the first real discussion about the lay of the land with placements and such and so it finally happened last Friday.

Much of it was an information-provision exercise on her part and for a lot of that I’d already gleaned what I needed to know from the scarily comprehensive handbook. She was, however, able to shed light on some very important things.

1) My CV and profile are on the big all-powerful VSO database

2) It’s hoped we’ll find a suitable placement in the participation and governance field for me in time for the September/October 09 leaving dates.

3) It is, however, possible I will not be leaving until February (that feels like a really LONG time away right now), should a placement not be found as quickly as hoped.

4) At this point, it is my job to sit tight and wait. I could be fundraising but I think that might be easier once I have a placement (any advice from current volunteers on that?).

All good stuff.

So as I sit and wait for a suitable placement summary, I shall entertain you with ramblings about UK politics and, of course, my exploits on the sunny Greek island of Santorini (Thira) in two weeks time for Tim’s birthday.

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  1. ourman says:

    I recall being told that I may have to wait a long time when I signed up first time round.

    It didn’t work out like that at all.

    Prepare for anything but maybe it’s just something they *have* to tell you.

  2. Fi McKenzie says:


    Really appreciate your comments and advice, keep them coming…

  3. sas says:

    Hey Fi – found you on kiwiblog.
    exciting times ahead for you 🙂

  4. Fi McKenzie says:

    Great to hear from you, sas! How did you find me on Kiwiblog though? I’m intrigued . . .

    Yip, very exciting times. Much more exciting than my current mostly bed-ridden times as I slowly heal from an appendectomy…

    You’re in London too yes? Where are you based?

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