Drinking water, eating vegetables and getting very bored

Over a week ago, I blogged about my exciting adventure to A&E, followed by an appendectomy.

While things have greatly improved, there is still quite clearly a wound (as opposed to a nice neat scar) and it’s causing all sorts of fun. Today’s particular adventure involved conversations with nurses and doctors regarding why the wound appeared to have opened up a little in two places and, more worryingly, why green pus appeared to be oozing from said places. Delightful! I do hope you’re not reading this on a full stomach . . .

As I continue to rest (mostly) tucked up in bed, you would think I’d be blogging like crazy but in fact the very opposite is true. I watch tv. I read. I sleep. I drink water and eat vegetables (sometimes). I am incredibly bored but seem to be better at blogging when I am at last vaguely busy. My mind works better when there is more to think about than one thing at a time – a luxury I am “enjoying” at the moment.

But things are steadily improving, we hope, and I vainly hope I’ll be back at work next week for a couple of days before Tim and I head off to Santorini. Failing all else, surely some relaxing in the Greek Islands will do wonders.

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  1. Sam P says:

    Ouch. Just read your other blog. Sooo the doctors weren’t sure, then you fainted, they took some more blood tests theeen they cut you open. Sounds all rather quick.

    Hope you heal up well this week so you can enjoy Santorini 🙂


  2. Kathy says:

    green ooze, what fun! Quite a contrast to my studying furiously for exams happening at the mo. Keep up the good resting and healing!

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