So here we are again. Curled up in a blanket late in a September evening – mind wandering, words spilling out of my fingers. There is something (known and well articulated by many better than me) cathartic about writing but I have found my written expression tempered in recent years by a whirling-dervish life. I…

Back-to-work Monday

Today I am back to work after 3 months recovery leave. I hope I never have to do that again. I am not a patient patient and the saving grace has been Mum & Dad here in the UK to stop me from going completely barmy in the process. I know the next few months…

Synod Begins – Monday 8 February

Apologies, first of all, to all my usual readers who are not at all interested in the work of the national assembly of the Church of England. I will post other things this week to keep you happy too. The first day of General Synod is concluding as I type – for my part, I really enjoy…

Synod Updates – How to Follow What’s Happening

You can follow the Church of England’s General Synod (happening this week at Church House in London) in a number of ways. Church of England Audio Feed #synod Twitter Feed – it’s been a year since we all discovered the number of those tweeting in the Church, should be an interesting take on what’s happening….

York Synod 09

I’m going to keep a rolling selection of good blog posts on the York Synod 09 taking place this weekend. Twitter updates are being posted to #synod. Starting with . . . Does the Church of England value the Bible? (Dave Walker – Church Times Blog)