Vienna Teng – Harbor #musicmonday

The idea of #musicmonday on this blog is to introduce my lovely readers to something I love that they might not have  heard before. It’ll be varied, singers and musicians from around the world and while I can’t promise you’ll love it, hopefully we’ll broaden our musical horizons together. If you have a song that fits the parameters and you’d like to share it with readers here, leave me a comment and I’ll look into featuring it the following week.

Today – Vienna Teng. tells me:

Vienna Teng (born Cynthia Yih Shih on October 3, 1978) is a Taiwanese American pianist and singer-songwriter based in New York City. She began studying classical piano at the age of 5. She took her stage name “Vienna” from the Austrian city famous for its musical history, and “Teng” from the surname of famous Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng.

Teng’s musical style incorporates folk, pop, classical piano, and a cappella influences. She uses piano as her primary instrument and charges her lyrics with emotion, narrative, and personal history. Teng is a baseline alto but sings over a wide range.

This week’s video comes from her concert at the Independent in San Francisco in 2006.

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