Synod Updates – How to Follow What’s Happening

You can follow the Church of England’s General Synod (happening this week at Church House in London) in a number of ways.

Church of England Audio Feed

#synod Twitter Feed – it’s been a year since we all discovered the number of those tweeting in the Church, should be an interesting take on what’s happening.

My Posterous feed – nothing like a bit of self-promotion. I’ll be summing up debates in bullet points for later blog analysis here.  I have a few things to keep me busy at my desk though so won’t be reporting on all debates.

Electronic versions of papers here

Ruth Gledhill for the Times will be reporting (via Twitter) here

Martin Beckford for the Telegraph will be reporting (via Twitter) here

That’ll do for now – I’m listening to questions while I sort out SAP invoices.  It is, with great emphasis, that I remind readers that the views expressed are my own and do not reflect those of the C of E, the CCrs, or any other organisation I volunteer for.

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