7 Days to Davos World Economic Forum

From 27-31 January, 2500 participants from all over the globe will gather in Geneva for the World Economic Forum.  Alongside 900 chief executives from our Strategic, Industry, Regional Partners and Global Growth Company Partners, there’ll be Government representative, civil society leaders, academia, media, young people and…

Julia Lalla-Maharajah, a returned VSO-volunteer with a true overwhelming passion for ridding the world of female gential mutilation. She’s just ‘won’ the Davos Debates 2010, which provides her with unique access to engage and debate with the world’s leaders next week, and join them on stage for a special panel to help pitch her cause to the world. You can find out more about her campaign on her website but here’s her first video as winner explaining her campaign. Congratulations Julia – it’s a real lesson in strength of passion and determination for us all.

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