Friday Roundup – Week 2

I’m off to Cumbria for a long weekend of rest, relaxation and fun with friends for a birthday. It’s going to be great and I’m going to be disconnected, at least virtually, from the world to make the most of the weekend.

To keep you all busy until Tuesday when I might consider reconnecting myself, here’s a collection of interesting tidbits from my week’s reading:

1. As Donors Focus on AIDS, Child Illnesses Languish – NY Times 29/10/09

2. Independent Science Advisor sacked for giving Independent Science Advice – Imranblog 31/10/09

3. Kiwis suffering ‘green fatigue’ – Stuff 30/10/09

4. Fiji bars NZ and Australia envoys – BBC News 03/11/09 (expect more on this next week, y’know how much I love Fiji)

5. Further to last week’s article – In Eastern Bloc, Wary View of Democracy – WSJ 04/11/09

6. glamour and how nude ladies make me feel – sas’ magical mystery tour 02/11/09

7. IPCC head attacks world leaders – Guardian 01/11/09

8. How the Tories can curb public sector strikes – FT 27/10/09

9) Bad news from Kabul – ActionAid news blog 05/11/09

And last but by no means least, especially for my Kiwi friends:

10) Nominate a charity for 2010 – Kiwiblog 05/11/09

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