Friday Roundup

I’ve decided to jump on another band wagon and join in on Friday roundups of the blogosphere.  So in no particular order, this week’s selection focuses on issues I’ve been thinking about this week:

1. Malawi education system needs a serious overhaul – Jimmy Kanja’s Blog 10/09/09

2. The Global Gender Gap Index – Kiwiblog 29/10/09

3. MMP Referenda – Kiwiblog 20/10/09 (I thought the background might help)

4. The World’s Best Pancake Recipe – 29/10/09

5. Privacy is dead, and social media hold smoking gun – CNN special 28/10/09

6. Aid workers under fire – ODI Blog 30/10/09

7. So long and thanks for all the priests? – The Church Mouse on Comment is Free 29/10/09

And some interesting titbits from the news:

8. Democracy not needed in Russia – BBC 16/10/09

9. Facebook project gives world peace a chance – Guardian 28/10/09

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