This Climate Change Stuff

Written the night before BAD09 before I curled up in bed feeling ill.

I’m writing this on one of London’s new “green” buses hours before the launch of Blog Action Day (October 15) in the UK, which gives me pause for thought about this whole issue of climate change.

There are fewer climate change deniers than there were a few years ago and it strikes me that this is for one very good reason – in my experience the climate has changed over the past few years in the places I’ve lived. From the increasingly warm summers to the Easter snow in London – the climate has definitely changed here and the October snow in New Zealand this year seems to indicate a change there to. I’m simplifying this hugely but this is a problem because our earth wasn’t designed (or banged if you’re a big bang fan) to work under these extremes. More importantly, life as we know it – the freedom to use fuel as and when needed, eat certain fruit & veg in different seasons, get from a to b as easily as possible – must change if we are at all serious about this. The fuel is no longer available at the same carefree rate, the fruit and veg are struggling to adjust to changes in the climate, and the transport options we rely on are dodgy at best.

I was shocked the other day to discover that me flying home to NZ for a trip generates 2,683.45 Kg of CO2 according to the International Civil Aviation Organisation. That’s a lot more carbon dioxide than I’d ever imagined it would come out of a plane, let alone for just me. No wonder there’s problems.

So the following posts look at what action is taking place on this issue and how people are campaigning for Governments to take responsibility. I’d urge you to read, think and form your own opinions but above all else:


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