Better Late Than Never – Blog Action Day 09

So I’ve finally done it – dedicating four posts to the issue of climate change for Blog Action Day 09, although that’s only three if you don’t count the video. I have to admit to running a little late this year but I’ve been unwell, just a cold, but it had me crook in bed for actual BAD09 last Thursday and then I ran off to Todmorden to spend a weekend in the hills on the border of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Better late than never.

That’s it for  posts today but expect posts on the One Laptop Per Child project, Democracy in Russia and even a poem for the rest of this week – I have a blogging plan.

On a side note – the Blog Action Day team tell me there were 31,000 total trackable blog posts, with 13,000 registered bloggers on the site.

From their email:

We had at least three major world governments as active participants in this year’s event. United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown posted the first Blog Action Day entry in Britain at the stroke of midnight on the 15th. The PSOE  governing party of Spain hosted a bloggers event focused on climate change and transformed their website for the day to promote Blog Action Day. And late in the day, President Barack Obama’s White House blog joined in become part of the global movement of bloggers shaking the web.

Well done to all who participated, I hope I’ve inspired a few people to read deeper into the issue, to think through the problems and come up with their own ideas for how to cut their carbon footprint. Me, I’m becoming obsessive about turning everything off before I leave the house in the morning to cut our electricity use when we don’t need it – every little bit counts.

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