Blog Action Day – 15 October

I’ve just signed up for Blog Action Day and thought I’d share what it is and why I’m promoting it.

Blog Action Day is a single dedicated day where bloggers worldwide focus on an important global issue.  In its first year (2007), 20,000 bloggers wrote about the environment, “running environmental experiments, detailing innovative ideas on creating sustainable practices, and focusing their audience’s attention on organizations and companies promoting green agendas.” In 2008, we all reconvened and wrote about poverty – you’ll find my post here. I wrote about aid and disaster relief, an issue that is back in the headlines following the Asia Pacific disasters.

Clearly it’s a great idea but what difference will it actually make, I hear you asking. Thing is, talking about these issues is part of the problem. We, collectively as the human race, don’t spend enough time thinking, speaking, campaigning on the things that really matter. This is a chance for those of us that care about this stuff to raise the issue and hopefully inspire a few others to read, think and act for change.

This year’s we’re  blogging about climate change and it’s going to be a social/digital media junkie fest. The Official Google Blog, Mashable, TUAW, and over 4,500 other blogs are involved.  We’re not all going to say the same thing, but we’re hopefully going to inspire people.

If you have a blog and haven’t already registered, consider joining us. If you’re a reader, check back here on October 15 for some climate change discussion, great links, crazy videos and my top ten suggestions for cutting your carbon emissions by 10% in 2010.

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