WordPress for iPhone

I’m testing the WordPress for iPhone app at work. I’ve had an iPhone for a week and am loving it. Took notes at last night’s RSA New Perspectives on Faith & Development on it and have various useful & entertaining apps.

App suggestions anyone?

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  1. qwandor says:

    From the App Store: TwitterFon, Frotz, Cooliris, iDaft, Google Earth.

    From Cydia: FireflyStarter, BossPrefs, NemusSync, Icy.

  2. Alastair says:

    There’s loads (I’m really enjoying the iPhone too!) but try out Requall – it is such a brilliant concept: dictate a comment that goes direct to your calendar! Get it to type short notes for you. Will it work with a Kiwi accent tho??!

  3. Heather Williams says:

    Hi Fiona,
    I sent you a long email reply on your gmail account.
    I hope you are doing ok???
    Big hugs and kisses, Heather

  4. Sam Perry says:

    Hey Fi ! =)

    I have to be honest I forgot you had this blog until Dad reminded me yesterday so have only just caught up with where your at. I hope your doing ok and your health is making some steps to improving.
    Man I’m sure there is way more cool apps you can use in London like location stuff to tell you handy things that are near like AroundMe, there isn’t so much info for that kind of stuff around Christchurch. I’ve had my iPhone for a few months now but still haven’t had the time to trawl through all the apps to find some good ones of what I want yet. I use Nimbuzz for all in one chat program for msn, skype,facebook etc thats pretty good. I’m loving the Tap Tap game and Ragdoll Blast provided me some time killing entertainment for awhile.

    Lots of love,

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