Being Thankful

The trip to A&E made me fairly sure I’d made the right decision regarding VSO. Symptoms have not improved over the last month and I am permanently tired, with funny little twists and twinges of pain much of the time. There are, however, days when I’m less tired, when there’s less pain and urgh-ness and I treasure those days.

Retreating to bed, while the nice option, isn’t sustainable so I’m trying to be as out-and-about as normal – spending time with the wonderfully supportive Tim, seeing friends, going to really interesting lectures and discussions, looking for other opportunities to work/volunteer in areas I am passionate about, in short thoroughly enjoying London.

I am thankful for (in no particular order):

  • family – to love and care for me from a distance;
  • Tim – a rock through the lows of the last few months, keeping me smiling and laughing;
  • friends – to keep me distracted and generally be amazing (got an amazing care package yesterday from a lovely friend in the US);
  • pastorate and church – for the thoughts, prayers and distractions;
  • work – who are being so very flexible at the moment while we work out how best to deal with the symptoms;
  • Twitter – a constant source of news, amusement, conversation and networking.
  • A new iPhone – work, news and entertainment on the go;
  • London – a wonderful place to call home, full of excitement, life and free events.

All that I have makes the rest easier

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