Another Trip to A&E

On Thursday 27th August, I made a return trip to UCH A&E with the same crippling pains as I had at the end of May. *Delightful*. After three hours waiting and prodding by a Resident, some pain meds were produced and I was sent home to bed. With the pain much worse the following morning, and the meds not doing anything, I phoned NHSDirect (who, by the way, offer the most amazing service I’ve ever encountered – have rung them twice and spoken to lovely trained nurses who’ve been incredibly helpful). They sent me off to my GP practice who were helpfully able to give me an appointment within 30mins of my call.

By 10am I had new antibiotics, more pain meds and an instruction to rest until the pain improved. More helpfully a new scan date, earlier than the previous one set, was made to look into these recurring bursting cysts. In a fit of “I’m determined not to let this get the better of me” I headed off to Dorset with Tim for some much needed rest in a lovely little room overlooking cows in a field near the sea. I spent the next four days in bed sleeping with occasional bouts of reading.

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