Death and Taxes

I’ve been reading the news again, it’s something I do daily, and yet it is this weekend (a fairly unremarkable weekend in terms of one world event above another) that seems to have wrecked strange amounts of newsworthy devastation on families around the world. I know the development stats regarding poverty-related deaths in sub-saharan Africa, I know that often many more die in natural disasters when they occur, but the number of headlines on killing and death shocked me particularly this lunchtime.

I’m taking these links from the New York Times, which made me realise the numbers by sticking article after article about death and destruction on their news feed for the last 48 hours.

20 Die in Suicide Bombing in Russia

Suicide Bombing Kills At Least 7 in Pakistan

2 Russian Jets Collide in Air Show Rehearsal

Fire at wedding kills 41 in Kuwait

Radical Leader Killed in Gaza Clashes (22 dead)

2 Killings Stoke Kashmiri Rage at Indian Force

19 Inmates Die in Mexican Prison Melee

Bomb kills 7 near NATO’s Afghan Headquarters

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