There’s this song that reminds me of my trip back to London.

Our plane spent half the flight the flight from Singapore chasing the sunrise across Europe, it was epically beautiful and having developed a fascination with Beyonce’s latest album on the way to New Zealand (do not fall asleep with music on unless you are willing to become addicted to an album) I listened to Halo on repeat as we approached the sunrise.

I can’t explain why this song touches me. Maybe it’s that this is the type of view I had from my window seat (I didn’t take my own picture of it)


Most of it was, however, that flying into the sunrise really felt a bit like a metaphor for start of new chapters of my life. My return to London was a flight to my other home, not a flight into the unknown like the first time. I returned to my job with the Church Commissioners but with the promise of a new adventure with VSO. I returned to my wonderful friends who have been like family for over two and a half years. I returned to my church and to my amazingly-supportive pastorate. And to the prospect of a new friendship with someone truly brilliant and fabulous who has turned into my closest friend, confidant and boyfriend.

For me, both literally and philosophically, it felt like the horizon had a halo…

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  1. sas says:

    for me its alexi murdoch – orange sky


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