Despite being in a country where people don’t get married quite so young, I constantly feel like I should follow the Kiwi trend of marrying and settling down. It’s not what I want right now or what I feel like God’s got in store for me over the next year or two but I still feel the pressure to conform.

I’m single, very very single, right now [29/04/09 – less so two months down the line but that is, as they say, another story for another time] and that’s perfect for this adventure but I’m a person who enjoys companionship in any form and that makes it all that much harder. I am scared of spending my life alone travelling from one country to another. I need to remember I am only 24 (25 in May), this is not the time to panic, and I have many lovely friends (single and not-so-single) to hug me when I’m down. I am truly lucky to have God, my amazing friends and my wonderful family.

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