[These series of posts were written in February, prior to my VSO assessment day and lead on nicely from yesterday’s panic. I have some answers, and more information in some cases now.]

Anyone reading my big blue book would be greatly amused by the mix of minutes, event plans, very personal letters never posted and now this – the so inadequately titled worry about how I’m going to survive doing something I love without everything.

Here’s where I’m at: It’s one day until assessment day and I’m petrified and excited all at once. It feels like this is the door that’s going to open for me and that’s awesome but comes with new concerns, responsibilities, and in some ways a new life. I know I should take it a step at a time and not worry about this until I know what’s happening but that’s not the way my mind is working right now so I’m writing down my concerns in the hope that I am able to rationalise them.

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