Challenges, problems in NZ, and returning to London

I love challenges, I thrive on the adrenaline and get excited by the possibilities. A year in a development country, though, takes challenge to a new level. I was reading the blog of an RV (returned volunteer) today and she talks about being in Pakistan during a State of Emergency in 2007. I looked at another volunteer’s photos and they scare me, but there’s still a little excitement there. I will be so outside my comfort zone.

At the moment, if there’s an emergency at home I can be there in a few days. If something happens while I’m volunteering I don’t know what the protocol will be. I guess, on the upside, it is difficult for me to be further away from New Zealand than I am now.

I am a tad worried about coming back to London/UK afterwards. I won’t have a job or a place to live and that could make things very difficult but I’m fairly sure some kind of temporary accommodation can be found with friends or extended family when I return.

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