Sunday 15 March 2009


[17-03-09 Written on Sunday – much better now]

I’m in a wee bit of pain this evening, and was going to spend the next 15mins ranting about it, but I have this idea it might get a boring. Imagine me going “pain . . . hurts . . . whine whine . . . pain . . . hurts . . . whine whine” – you get the gist. I fell down three times today – once is fairly common with my joints as they are but three times tends to shock them into pain. Lovely.

Tonight’s choice was writing about it, finding a piano to smack annoyance out on (unattainable), or going to bed annoyed. I went with writing

Dealing with this while adventuring around the developing world will be fun but fine, I’m an expert in strapping with whatever I have to hand and have pain meds to keep me from letting out small shrieks every time I put my foot down on the ground when needed.
Pain . . . hurts . . . whine whine . . . bed.

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