Leaving the UK with VSO scares me.

I am scared to pick up my life, again, and start afresh somewhere new, again.

I am scared of the challenges a year in a new place brings.

I am scared of the organising and all the forms that need filling in.

I am scared that I’m actually a fraud and I don’t know what I’m doing.

I am scared I won’t be any help.

I am terrified of being lonely.

I might not face all these fears properly but I know this is what I’m meant to be doing, and more – I know I’ll cope fine in the end, I’m good at this moving countries business. It doesn’t mean I won’t panic occasionally though.

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  1. Tim Little says:

    Being scared is good, but you’ll be fine. Enjoy your time, there’s a phrase here “small small”, which can mean anything but can be interpreted as we move forward in small steps. VSO life can be like that, small victories adding up.

    Do you know where you’re going yet?

  2. fkmckenzie says:

    Thanks Tim! Written in a moment of sheer panic last night. I’m intrigued as to how you found the blog – in the process of setting it up and haven’t published the address anywhere. I’m guessing you ran a search for VSO?!?

    I don’t know where I’m going and am really only at the beginning of the process. Training has been delayed for the Youth for Development lot (which I’m a part of) and finding a placement was delayed by a trip to New Zealand (my other home) for a month over Easter.

    I like “small small” – you’re in Ghana, yes?

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Tim Little says:

    Yes – I used the WordPress tag VSO to find you.

    Yes I’m in Ghana

    Good luck!

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